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About me

I am an International Affairs student in Mexico City, where I was born and raised. I come from a German family and I have lived in some different places. I have found myself to be amazed by languages and cultures from all around the world, and there´s nothing that can make me feel more alive than going abroad to live new experiences, learn a new language, to live a different culture and to get to know people that think different than me so I can broaden my way of thinking. I am not a tourist, I go abroad to live there.

I lived a year and a half in Austria, where I finally learned to speak fluent German and to always appreciate a good beer. I got the amazing opportunity to enjoy music at the best place possible, Vienna, and to continue learning the piano, which I have played since I was little. Also, I got a second family which I love very much, and a beautiful Dirndlkleid, the regional dress, which I still use when I have the chance 😀

Another great experience was staying 3 months in Quebec City, where I studied french. So many interesting people I got to meet! Also, I lived one year in Merida, Yucatan where I got to see another face of Mexico. In such a wide and amazing country, you can never get enough of it, and you never stop learning something new. I really experienced the Mexican colors at its fullest. Both my time in Austria and the time in this state, made me see my country with new eyes. A country so special and with so much potential, that I can´t find any other words than “majestic” to resume all that history, culture, traditions, beaches, biodiversity and colorful people that put together this nation. I can assure you, you´ll fall in love with our culture, so come and visit!

Going back to writing about me, I study international Affairs because of this passion for cultures, languages, and the international community. I would like to, later on, specialize on environment and sustainability because I long for a greener and a better world. I am also very interested in translation and tourism.

Some things I love are books, history, and figure ice skating, but my most favorites are music and photography, which I have been practicing for a long time already. A hobby of mine is to bake, which I am quite good at.

I enjoy rainy days, watching movies and going out for coffee with friends and talking for hours. I love tacos (what a cliche, I´m Mexican), a good glass of wine, street art, and walking through beautiful cities. This all might seem like a big cliche, but truth is, some big events in my life have taught me to appreciate the little things, cause I didn´t use to do it. Family, loyal friends, and simple but enjoyable moments are precious. Never take them for granted.